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Welcome to Bio Agri Search

Bio Agri Search recruits the leading BioStimulants, BioSolutions, AgChem and AgTech experts from around the world.


Global Executive Search

Our unique Artificial intelligence tools can talent map upto 80% of your competitors staff within Agtech, AgChem, BioSolutions and Biostimulants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Combine our Artificial intelligence with Video Interviewing technology and Talent mapping, ensures that our recruitment partners have incredible access to BioStimulants, BioSolutions, AgChem and AgTech talent, giving them the confidence to be able to focus on retention and growth in one of the biggest growing sectors in the world.

More about us

How does it work?


Our Executive search facility uses the latest recruitment tools to map out the entire market place and targets the leading players within BioStimulants, BioSolutions, AgChem and AgTech.


Based in the UK our unique Agriculture Talent Attraction system works worldwide focusing on passive and active candidates within AgTech, AgChem, Biostimulants and BioSolutions.


Executive Search within BioStimulants, BioSolutions,AgChem and AgTech- Bio Agri Search can source all your needs combining Talent mapping and Artificial intelligence. Please get in touch for a demonstration.

Bio Agri Search is leading the way within BioSolutions, BioStimulants, AgChem and AgTech Executive Search.

Find out how Bio Agri Search can source global talent to your door.